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And I’ll Show You My 30 BEST Traffic Strategies That I Use To Generate 3,170 Visitors To My Blog Every Single Day WITHOUT Google

Dear Subscriber,

In the month of September, my natural health and beauty blog received 95,097 visitors in totally free, auto-pilot traffic.

That’s 3,170 visitors per DAY!

It hasn’t always been that way though…

The Morning I Woke Up &
My World Fell Apart…

Okay, that statement above might be a bit over-dramatic.

The night of October 13th 2011 I went to bed just like always. I did a last check of my Google Analytics, I did a check of my Google Adsense and I checked my Clickbank account.

Everything was normal. I was getting lots of traffic (most of it from Google), earning some nice change from Adsense, and had a few Clickbank sales, too.

I went to bed that night safe in the knowledge that even though I was sleeping, the money would still roll in.

And I woke up the next morning excited to see my traffic stats, my Adsense earnings and my Clickbank account.

But as I logged into each account my heart sank deeper and deeper. My traffic was unbelievably low, my Adsense earnings were almost non-existent and I hadn’t made any Clickbank sales.

I thought perhaps my blog had been down during the night, but then I visited some forums to see that other people were having the same reductions in traffic.

Panda 3.5.2 had rolled in…

My beautiful blog, which I’d spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars on making the best it could possibly be, was slapped HARD by Google.

Traffic was obliterated… and so were my earnings!

I didn’t know what to do to fix it and get my rankings back, so I just left it. I just let the blog sit there on the internet slowly dying while I sulked and felt hard done by.

Traffic went down to just under 8,000 visitors in November and just over 6,000 visitors in December. At this rate, in just a few short months, my blog would fall into internet oblivion.

But I didn’t want that to happen. I loved my blog, I loved the market it was in, and I didn’t want to let all the incredible content I had just sink into the deepest darkest corners of the internet.

It Was Time To Diversify…

It was now January 2012 – and after the Christmas and New Year celebrations I knuckled down and focused on getting traffic from places other than Google.

I tried all sorts of different things. Some worked, some didn’t.

But my blog traffic started to rise – and it started to rise quickly.

In January my traffic rose to 11,476 visitors, in February that number climbed to 17,685 visitors, in March that reached 30,190 visitors, the ascent continued into April when I received 43,677 visitors, in May I reached 58,551 visitors, before a small drop in June (I was on holiday for a couple of weeks in June) before a huge climb in July when I received 82,601 visitors. In August there was another small rise as my blog reached 85,796 visitors and then an even greater rise into September as my blog received 95,097 visitors in the month.

That’s 3,170 Visitors Per Day!

Here’s a screenshot showing my rapid traffic rise so you know I’m the real deal…

Over the last few months I’ve learned absolutely everything there is to know about getting blog traffic.

I’ve experimented with all sorts of weird and wacky strategies.

Some of them you’ll have heard of before, but I’ve offered my own unique spin. Some of them you probably won’t have heard of before since they are strategies I’ve dreamed up, tested, and that have worked.

And now I want to share them ALL with you. I want to reveal every single method I use to get traffic to my blog so that you can COPY what I do and get thousands of visitors flooding to your blog every single day.


The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy

When you join The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy, you will receive (for a small one time only payment) one traffic lesson every single day for 30 days.

Each lesson…

Is short and snappy (typically 3-5 pages)

Is actionable (you can quickly digest the content and then implement the strategy that very same day)

Is free (none of these strategies cost a penny)

WORKS! (These are my 30 BEST traffic strategies that have propelled me to over 3,000 visitors per day)

I reveal absolutely every traffic strategy I use. I don’t hide anything. If I have done something and it has got me some traffic, then you can be sure it will be in this training course.

I also use real life case studies with working examples from my own niche blog. How many marketers share behind the scenes access to their niche websites?

Here Are Just SOME Of The Things
You’ll Discover In
“The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy”

Lesson #1 – How I ethically “steal” traffic from 1st page Google ranking websites and siphon them back to my blog. You can do this with HUNDREDS of different websites and the more you do it, the more traffic you’ll get.

Lesson #2 – How I get over 500 visitors per day from Pinterest without lifting a finger. I have set my blog up in such a way that it automatically generates Pinterest traffic at an ever growing rate without me doing a thing.

Lesson #4 – How I hold a __________ Awards Ceremony that generates huge traffic and a nice chunk of Amazon affiliate commissions on the process.

Lesson #5 – How I get OTHER bloggers to create free content for me AND then get them to send thousands of readers to my blog. This fantastic method takes a little organization, but when you pull it off it can send thousands of visitors in a day – even if you’re starting from scratch!.

Lesson #8 – How I generated 2,688 new email subscribers in just two weeks using a very clever viral idea that anyone can copy.

Lesson #9 – My secret method that sends 150 visitors to my blog every single day with just a five minute time effort every morning. You have probably never seen anyone talk about this strategy and I’m so excited to share it with you! (It’s this strategy that kickstarted my second biggest every traffic day with over 9,500 visitors!)

Lesson #12 – My devilishly simple “Swap” technique which sends hundreds of visitors rushing to my blog from other people’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts in just minutes.

Lesson #13 – My 30 second trick that can result in hundreds – or thousands – of visitors flooding to your blog from Facebook. One 30 Day BTA member used this strategy and generated over 1,000 visitors in their first 12 hours!

Lesson #17 – How I started a brand new blog and generated 51,647 unique visitors, built a Facebook fan page of over 9,000 fans and generated over $2,700 in passive affiliate commissions in ITS FIRST 30 DAYS!

Lesson #18 – I share a case study of another blogger who has generated over seven million page views in their first seven months despite not writing a single word of content themselves.

Lesson #19 – This is one of my best traffic secrets. It reveals how I create blog posts with a unique twist that means each blog post generates AT LEAST 5,000 visitors in it’s first seven days online. This is a sensational strategy that you can use over and over again.

Lesson #20 – How to create your own product to sell through your blog, how to set up an affiliate program for your product, and twenty ways to find affiliates to sell your product for you. Get this right and you will have an affiliate sales army sending you thousands of visitors per day and earning you a considerable passive income.

Lesson #28 – Five “under-the-radar” traffic strategies that you probably aren’t using but that could add hundreds of extra visitors to your blog every single day.

Lesson #29 & 30 – These are the two most important lessons you’ll ever read. It reveals twenty ways to get your blog in front of “traffic controllers” and how to increase the chances that they will promote your content to their huge audience. Get these techniques right and you’ll have other people generating 90% of your traffic for you!

Throughout the 30 days, I also dedicate a lot of time to discussing how to grow your:

– Email list
– Facebook fan page following
– Twitter following and
– Pinterest following

I call these your “distribution channels” and the bigger they are, the more traffic you can send to your blog posts, to your own products and to affiliate offers with just a click of a button.


What Would 3,170 Visitors Per Day
Mean To You?

If you join this 30 day training course, if you soak up and implement each lesson and if you work at it consistently, then I have no doubt that soon you too will be generating 3,000 visitors (or more) per day.

Let’s just take a second and think what that could mean to you…

– Imagine having Google Adsense on your blog and getting just a 2% click-thru rate with only $0.75 per click. Assuming each visitor views an average of 2 pages per visit, then that would be 180,000 page views per month, 3,600 Adsense clicks per month and $2,700 in easy, 100% automatic passive income.

– Plus, imagine that you also send 500 clicks per day to Amazon via your affiliate link and convert 7% of clicks into sales with an average sale price of just $25. At just 8% commission you would make $2,100 per month.

– Now imagine that you also have links to Clickbank affiliate programs, to private affiliate programs and to your own products generating regular $10, $20 and $50+ affiliate commissions day in, day out.

– And imagine selling $100, $200 and $500 advertising and sponsorship deals from companies wanting to advertise on your blog. (Plus, think of all the freebies you’ll get sent to review. I get emails almost on a daily basis from companies offering me free products – unfortunately it’s only women’s health and beauty products, but it means I rarely have to buy any birthday or Christmas presents for my girlfriend, Mum or my sisters!)

– And finally imagine getting hundreds of new email subscribers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers daily who you can promote affiliate products to and make big cash windfalls.

When you have so much traffic, the possibilities are endless and it’s amazing what creative ways you can find to earn more money from your blog.

Join The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy Now &
Begin Your Journey To Extraordinary
Blog Traffic & An INSANE Passive Income

Just $47

You’ll receive instant access to Lesson #1 with each subsequent lesson being delivered daily direct to your inbox.

Soak each piece of training up with your morning coffee and then spend the day acting on the step-by-step instructions.

Each day, as you implement more and more traffic strategies, you’ll see your traffic (and your income) grow, and grow, and grow some more.

Let’s get started…

Not convinced yet? Then here are a couple of “deal sweeteners” for you to make this an even more irresistible offer…

Bonus #1
Special Report: 20 Ways To Make More Money From Your Blog

This powerful 11 page PDF will be available for instant download in the member’s area. It reveals twenty creative methods to make more money from your blog traffic – including ways to make automatic passive income, strategies to get big three and four figure pay-outs and many more ideas based on my real life experiences.

Once you’ve implemented these ideas and you can see that you’re making money from the traffic you are getting, that will really motivate you to try out the traffic strategies I share in the course to get more traffic and make more money!

Bonus #2
Free LIFETIME Updates

In The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy, I share my 30 BEST traffic strategies that are working right now, but as the internet evolves, and as I continue to test and experiment, I will discover new strategies that work and as a valued customer, YOU will receive free lifetime access to these strategies so you can stay at the forefront of new traffic discoveries.

And finally, my last deal sweetener…

My Unconditional 100%, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, if you do not learn tonnes of new traffic generating ideas, and if, after implementing these ideas, your traffic doesn’t increase significantly, then just send me an email to and I’ll refund your full investment within 24 hours.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Let me help set you on the path to outrageous blog traffic and auto-pilot passive income…

Join The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy Now

P.S. I could realistically sell each one of these daily lessons for $7-17 EACH. But you get access to every single lesson, delivered over the course of the month so as not to overwhelm you, for this one time only low, low price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

P.P.S. If you join The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy and implement ONLY lesson #1, you’ll still be getting a bargain and you’ll still add an extra 100+ visitors per day to your blog traffic!

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