My Two Most Powerful Traffic Secrets

In December 2011, I attracted 6,126 visitors to my health and beauty blog. This month (May 2012) my traffic will almost reach 60,000 visitors.

That’s a tenfold increase in traffic and in this blog post I’m going to share my top two traffic secrets.

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Now let me reveal my two most powerful traffic secrets that are responsible for my phenomenal growth in readership.

Traffic Secret #1
Make Your Blog A Self-Perpetuating Traffic Generating Machine

One of the biggest breakthroughs was adding social sharing buttons to the top of my blog. This includes Facebook Like, Tweet, Pin To Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Google +1 buttons.

Here’s a real life screenshot from one of my blog posts revealing the number of social shares the post has had…

social shares

Why has this been so important?

Because it makes every single one of my other traffic generating methods more powerful.

Before I had the buttons, I could generate 100 visitors from a guest post and that would be it.

Now I know that if I generated 100 visitors from a guest post that a portion of these visitors will also share my content with their Facebook friends and their Twitter and Pinterest followers.

This sends more visitors and these visitors could share my content too driving even more traffic.

Here’s an example…

Last Tuesday (May 22nd) I wrote about how I’d just generated thousands of visitors because someone shared my blog post to their 27,000 Facebook fans.

My Google Analytics tells me that on that day alone Facebook sent just over 5,000 visitors to that one blog post. It also shows me that Pinterest sent me just under 1,600 visitors to that page.

That’s “bonus” traffic that happened simply because visitors arriving from Facebook used the “Pin It” button at the top of my blog.

I didn’t have to work for it all. My existing web traffic did it for me. And they do it all the time!

There are hundreds of WordPress plug-ins available that you can use to add social sharing buttons to your blog. I personally use Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share (RSFTW) on my health blog and Sociable on this blog (but only because RSFTS doesn’t currently work with another plug-in I use on here).

You can get more details on the plug-ins I use and where you can get them (for free) on my Ultimate Bloggers Toolkit page.

If you haven’t installed social sharing buttons on your blog yet then do that right away and take advantage of the combined marketing power of your existing blog visitors.

Traffic Secret #2
Grow Your Distribution Channels

Distribution channels include:

  • Your email subscribers
  • Your Facebook following
  • Your Twitter following
  • Your Pinterest following
  • Your Google Plus following
  • Any other place where you can notify your target audience that you’ve published new content

Every time I publish a new blog post I send a notification via all of the above and it gives me an almost instant traffic boost.

It makes sense that the bigger your following, the greater the amount of traffic you can send back to your blog so that’s why I’m putting a big focus on converting blog traffic into subscribers and followers.

The more places I get them following me, the more chance I have of sending them back to the blog each time I publish a new blog post.

Here are a few things I’m doing, and a few things you can do, to grow your distribution channels.

– Include social icons (like I’ve done on this blog) in your sidebar or somewhere prominent on your blog.

– Include an email opt-in form in a prominent location on your blog. For really high opt-in conversions, use a pop-over web form.

– Once someone has subscribed send them to a confirmation page and try to get them to follow you on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, too.

– Use the “What Would Seth Godin Do?” plug-in to display a message to new visitors before your blog content. In this message ask them to subscribe or follow you on Facebook.

– At the end of your content encourage email subscription or ask the reader to follow you on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

– Configure your Twitter share button to include your username at the end of each Tweet. This means if someone uses the Tweet button on your website then not only will they be promoting your content, they will also be promoting your Twitter account and sending you new followers.

I’ve just reached 1,000 Facebook Fans on my fan page just ten weeks after starting it. I have a few neat little tricks to share to grow your Facebook following and I’ll be posting that in a blog update in a few days’ time so make sure you subscribe to receive email updates using the web form in the right hand sidebar or Like BigBlogTraffic on Facebook.

(See what I did there… I’m practicing what I’m preaching in this blog post 😉

The great thing about the two traffic methods I’ve shared in this post is that they work really well together.

The bigger my distribution channels, the more traffic I’ll get to each new blog post, and the more traffic I get to each new blog post the more people will share my content, and the more people that share my content the more traffic I’ll get, the bigger and faster my distribution channels will grow and the more people will share my content.

In Blog Traffic Academy I will be talking a lot about growing distribution channels over the next few weeks and months. I’ll also be sharing some tips about creative methods I use to get more people to share my content.

(One method I tested out last week is working brilliantly and I can’t wait to share it. I just need to fine tune it a little more.)

I’ve got so much exciting stuff to share and I really hope you’ll join me so I can help you sky-rocket your blog or website traffic and explode your online income.

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Thanks for reading and, as always, if you enjoyed this post please share the love and post to your Twitter and Facebook followers.

James Penn

P.S. If you have any questions about Blog Traffic Academy just shoot me an email using the Contact page.

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  1. Hi James
    Great post, very interesting info about social media. I’m always wondering if it really helps to have a facebook like button and not a FB business page. It seems to interfere with family and friends membership.
    I like the idea of this post sharing aspect.

  2. James,
    It really does seem that social media is the way to go!

    In your distribution channels I see that you haven`t mentioned YouTube. What are your thoughts on video marketing?

    Is there any point in writing articles for submitting to article directories any more or should the concentration be purely on promoting your own blog posts?

    I look forward to your reply!


  3. Hey James

    I stumbled across your WSO and couldn’t help but buy your report. Its a great and simple idea you have come up with, the fact you are helping other sites makes them want to promote yours. GENIUS :)

    So thanks a bunch, Im just thinking about how I’m going to use it with my dating site. So I’m going to have to do some research. :)

    Thanks a bunch

  4. Very informative post as always. I use social sharing on my blogs. I haven’t built my distribution channels up like you have though. Definitely something that I need to work on. I am also sorely tempted to join your blog traffic academy as well. Each post has a ton of value, and I can only imagine the kind of value you would give in a membership site.