Pin Button Attraction: How To Add Pin It Buttons To Images

You may have heard me mention before that Pinterest is one of my biggest traffic sources.

In fact, it IS my biggest traffic source.

Here’s the kind of traffic Pinterest has sent me in the past five months – and this excludes a few thousand visitors from the mobile version which is reported separately.

 Pinterest Traffic

618 visitors in January, 1742 in Feb, 6257 in March, 8502 in April and 10780 in May.

And I’ve just made one simple addition to my blog which I believe will propel my Pinterest traffic to 20,000+ visitors and beyond in June.

Let me show you what I’ve done (it took two minutes) and how you can do the same so you can start getting BIG traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

(SIDE NOTE: Blog Traffic Academy members – you will receive my step-by-step, reveal all guide to getting 300 visitors per day from Pinterest in month two of your membership.)

You get traffic from Pinterest when someone comes to your blog and “Pins” an image to Pinterest. Other people then repin and your image (with a link back to the blog post it was pinned from) gets spread around Pinterest virally and you can get big traffic.

But it requires that an initial Pin to kick-start the traffic process.

I’ve spent hours brainstorming ways to get more of my blog visitors to Pin images from my site and I’ve tested lots of methods – but there was one I was desperate to try…

I had a fantastic idea for a tool that showed a “Pin It” button within each image. I spent countless hours searching for a tool or plug-in that could do this for me, but I couldn’t find anything.

I considered developing my own plug-in just so I could take advantage of this tool, but the thought of paying thousands of dollars and relying on a developer to deliver what I wanted frightened the life out of me! (I’ve never outsourced anything more than a few blog posts!)

I gave up on the idea, and decided I should just be happy with the current traffic I was getting from Pinterest.

Then, late last night, I got an email…

It was from a JV broker who was announcing a new launch about a Pinterest product. I thought it was going to be just another Pinterest guide from someone who doesn’t even have a Pinterest account and who has just copied information from the help sections on the Pinterest website.

I’ve never promoted a Pinterest guide because, it is either:

  • From someone who hasn’t got a clue what they are talking about
  • Or from someone who is teaching how to spam Pinterest to make a quick buck.

That’s NOT what I’m about.

Anyway, I read up more about the product and found it’s not a Pinterest guide, but a tool (although a guide is offered as a bonus).

Now I was intrigued…

I read more and watched the demo video and was BLOWN AWAY.


Just kidding, since I’d never verbalised or written down my idea there was no way they could have stolen it. I guess great minds just think alike!?

Anyway, the guy behind it, Chris Guthrie, had developed a WordPress plug-in doing EXACTLY what I wanted it to do.

It adds a “Pin It” button to every image so readers can simply click the button and INSTANTLY Pin the image to Pinterest.

I knew this was going to be very POWERFUL.

Click Here To See A Video Of The Plug-In In Action

I quickly emailed Chris and asked if I could test drive the plug-in on my health blog with a view to promote his plug-in if it worked. He replied quickly with a license key and a zip file.

I logged into my WordPress dashboard, uploaded the zip file, entered the license key, ticked a couple of boxes and pushed “Save”.

I then visited a few pages on my blog and was ECSTATIC.

It worked like a dream.

Want to see a working example on my health blog? Hit the link below…

Top 7 Natural Products To Make With Essential Oils

pin it button

Tucked away in the top left corner of each image (you can customize the positioning with the click of a button) is a neat little “Pin It” button.

Press that and you can Pin the image to Pinterest and expose it to hundreds or thousands of people instantly.

Alternatively, you can have the button hidden until a visitor hovers over the image. I’m going to test that out once I have some data from the top left positioning.

You can see a demo of the button appearing on hover here.

I’ve had the plug-in installed about twelve hours so far and ALREADY I’ve noticed an increase in activity of people Pinning from my website and my Pinterest traffic is up today already.

This plug-in is going to be responsible for a LOT of traffic to my blog over the next few days, weeks, months and hopefully years.

If you have a WordPress blog, if you have images and if you want to get big traffic from Pinterest then I recommend you install this plug-in too.

It takes two minutes to set up (even I could do it) and then you can simply sit back as OTHER people Pin your content and drive traffic to your blog.

Click Here To Download Pin Button Attraction

Got any questions about how this works? Just leave a comment below or send me an email at the Contact page.

Thanks for reading,
James Penn

P.S. If you are a member of Blog Traffic Academy and you make it to month two, you will receive my step-by-step guide revealing how I get 300+ visitors per day from Pinterest. You definitely won’t want to miss that.

P.P.S. The price of Pin Button Attraction starts at $17 but it rises every few sales so if you think you’ll want to use this plug-in, even if you just want it for the future, then get access quick.

Click Here To Download Pin Button Attraction

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  1. Thanks for great info on driving traffic using Pinterest Plugin! Can’t wait to use it as I am already seeing some traffic from Pinterest.

  2. Pinterest do interest me but without a unique images can you actually gain such traffic to your board?

  3. Grrr I adore Pinterest and have used it to list all small-press/indie authors in my Book Junkies library (, but it doesn’t like Blogger, does it? Why is this cool tool only for Word Press? :(

  4. Nice tips.I use pinterest to share inforgrahics.Iam happy with pinterest because I get a lot of followers.It is growing daily .

  5. I grabbed this plugin (you’ll get some $$ as I used your affiliate link) and I’m wondering if you have a good resource for the images you use. I know a lot of the photo sites can be expensive, and the last thing I need as my sites become successful is to have someone come after me for “borrowing” an image.

    [Louise] – I’ve migrated everything off of blogger to WP, its a bit of work, but there’s just soooo much more flexibility.


    • Hi Shawn

      Thanks for buying through my link :) I get all of my images from for about $1-2 per image. It also has a sister site at which offers a smaller selection of free and royalty free images so try there first.