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james pennMy name’s James Penn. I’m a 22 year old blogger, product creator and email list builder from the UK.

Since reading ProBlogger by Darren Rowse, blogging is all I’ve wanted to do.

In April 2011 I set about making this happen…

I already owned a natural health and beauty blog (I know, strange market for a 22 year old guy!) that I’d left virtually idle since I started it in 2008. Still, it was generating around 50 visitors per day and gave me a platform to build upon.

I set to work in March 2011 and by July I was averaging 1,000 visitors per day with about 80% of traffic coming from Google. This was pretty good, I thought, but I was struggling to generate significant revenue from all the traffic I was attracting.

I started implementing new monetization methods and gradually my visitor value was rising. Signs were good. Traffic continued to climb and the amount of money earned per visitor was also increasing.

And then, just as I was starting to turn this blog into a full time income, Google’s Panda 2.5.2 update obliterated my search rankings and my traffic.

I went from 1,000-1,500 visitors per day to just 200 overnight, and my blog income virtually disappeared.

I spent a great deal of time trying to work out why Google punished my blog and what I could do about it. I became a bit obsessed, to be honest. I read every major SEO blog, I bought “Recover From Panda” guides and I made tonnes of tweaks and improvements to my blog just hoping that Google would “love” me again.

After a few months with very little change in my ranking fortunes, I realized that there was nothing I could do.  I didn’t know why my rankings had dropped, and without knowing for certain what caused the problem, there was no way I could fix it.

In January 2012, I set upon diversifying my traffic…

I tried out all sorts of blog promotion strategies. Some of the things I tried didn’t work, but some things worked really, really well and my traffic started to climb pretty rapidly.

In December 2011 total visits to the blog was 6,126, in January that had climbed to 11,476, in February that number grew to 17,685, in March it rocketed to 30,190 and it continued its ascent into April with a whopping 43,677 visitors in just 30 days.

That’s 1,456 visitors per day!

And the best thing of all? Less than 15% of my traffic was from Google. Even if Google completely obliterated my blog from it’s rankings, I wouldn’t really notice. I had completely diversified my traffic sources. I was receiving traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and I had hundreds of different bloggers sending me traffic.

By May I’d accumulated so many blog traffic strategies that worked that I decided I wanted to share them, and that’s why I started the Blog Traffic Academy.

Each month, I share a 10-20 page step-by-step PDF revealing one of my biggest traffic sources. Throughout the month I also share quick tips, tricks and shortcuts that get me more traffic, make me more money and save me time.

I want to personally help every single member explode their blog traffic and become a full-time blogger.

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James Penn

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