The Most Powerful Blog Marketing Resource On The Planet (& It’s Free!)

I’ve been running my health and beauty blog for nearly four and a half years now.

Only in the past three months have I experienced significant traffic results.


Because I discovered the most powerful blog marketing resource on the planet and I’m using it to its maximum potential.

So what is it?

Is it link building? Is it SEO? Is it Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest?

Nope, none of those…

If you want to get SERIOUS blog traffic then you need to learn how to utilize the combined marketing power of your readers to virally generate new readers.

You need to get your existing readers to share your content. You need them to post it to Facebook, to Twitter and to Pinterest. You need them to link to you from their blogs and websites. You need them to tell their friends about you and your blog.

Chris Munch, author of Trophy Pigeon, calls it the viral coefficient.

If you have a viral coefficient of 1, then that means each visitor you generate yourself will refer one more visitor, and then that visitor will refer one more, and so on. Your traffic will remain consistent.

If you have a viral coefficient above 1, say 1.2, then your traffic will grow every single day. If on day one you generate 100 visitors yourself then those 100 visitors will refer 120 more, and then those 120 will refer 144 more and so on. Your traffic will grow until it reaches saturation point.

In truth, measuring your blogs viral coefficient is almost impossible. It will be different depending on which post your visitor is landing on, where they came from, what time of day it is etc.

Here’s the best example I can give…

On May 22nd a fellow blogger with a significant Facebook following posted a link to one of my blog posts to their FB fan page.

On that day, the post received just shy of 4,000 visitors from Facebook. If the post had received just 4,000 visitors on that day then my viral coefficient would have been 0 since no one would have shared the post.

But in fact I also received an extra 3,900 visitors on that day to that post from other sources, such as Pinterest, Twitter, random blogs and forums and direct (perhaps from email referrals).

That means that without lifting a finger, my audience DOUBLED my traffic for me. Plus my audience had generated powerful backlinks to my blog which would boost my Google ranking and search traffic for many days, weeks and months to come.

Your audience are your most powerful marketing resource, and here are some tips to harness their power.

How To Harness The Marketing Power Of Your Audience

1. Create Content People Want To Share

The first and most important thing is to publish content that people are interested in and that they find value from. If your content is junk then your viral coefficient will be 0.

Be sure to have a professional design and limit the amount of ads you show. If your site looks too commercial people will be reluctant to share.

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2. Make Sharing Easy

viral marketingYou can’t expect people to log-in to their Twitter account, compose a Tweet, add your link and then share. You can’t expect people to log-in to Pinterest, add your URL, choose an image, write a description and Pin your blog. And you can’t expect people to log-in to Facebook, post a description with a link and publish to their wall. Very few people would do that.

But many people would be happy to click one button and to have it all done for them.

Make sure you have social sharing buttons included in your blog design in prominent locations. I use the Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share WordPress plug-in and have set it to display above AND below my post.

Another fantastic plug-in I use that has increased the amount of Pinterest traffic I’m generating is Pin Button Attraction. It allows you to add Pin It buttons INTO your images making sharing on Pinterest easier than ever.

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3. Make Sharing A Habit

On my Facebook fan page a few weeks ago I posted this update…

Want to WIN $10? Let’s have a really simple and fun competition. Here’s what you need to do…

1. Visit the blog post below and Pin it to one of your Pinterest boards.

2. Come back here and post the link to your Pin.

3. The person who gets the most RePins by Noon EST on Friday will win $10 sent direct to them.

I had about seven or eight entries which means seven or eight people Pinned my post. But, what I’ve noticed since is that whenever I post a link to another of my blog posts, those same people visit my blog and Pin my content – even though there is no prize.

They have got into the habit of sharing and are sending me lots of traffic as a result!

Find a way to get your audience into the habit of sharing and they’ll never stop.

4. Get Big Players To Your Blog

It wasn’t a coincidence that one of the major players in my market was on my blog the day she decided to share my blog post with her 27,000 Facebook fans.

I’d identified that she had significant marketing power and that she was generous with the things she shares on her Facebook fan page. In other words she doesn’t just promote her own stuff but shares interesting content from around the web.

And so I used two clever strategies to get her attention. Strategy one which involves getting authorities in your market to share your content is revealed in my Viral Blog Case Study Special Report and strategy two involves submitting your content to “link parties”. If you have no idea what link parties are then you need to learn now. I am generating over 5,000 visitors per month participating in these parties.

If you join Blog Traffic Academy then you will instantly receive Issue #1 which details my exact step by step blueprint to getting big traffic from link parties.

Click Here To Join Blog Traffic Academy

Your existing audience are the most powerful marketing resource available to you. Make sure you are making the most of them!

I’ll be posting more updates over the next few days and weeks sharing some strategies to get your initial audience so make sure you like us on Facebook to get notified of new updates.

Share your thoughts leaving a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post, please pay it back with a share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus :)

Thanks for reading,
James Penn

P.S. In Blog Traffic Academy I share ALL my blog traffic strategies. In Issue #1 I reveal how I get 5,000+ visitors per month from link parties, in Issue #2 I reveal how I get 300 visitors per day from Pinterest and in Issue #3 I reveal how I got over 6,000 visitors in my first month using Facebook and 9,000 visitors in my second month.

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  1. I like your updates James. I am trying out content sharing as a matter of general marketing principle and have been for a while. It also helps people not just sell all the time. Keep people informed and they will like you for it.

  2. Thank you fort a great article. Just started a brand new blog and I definitely could use the tips mentioned here to grow my traffic. Thanks once again

  3. Hey James, great information thank you. I am just finally getting my personal blog up and running, my “baby” has been on the back burner for a long time. Your methods will really help me out.

  4. Your updates are awesome mate. Sent you an email last night, probably sleeping by then. Joining blog traffic academy once again.


  5. Thank you for the great content here. I am joining Blog Traffic Academy today looking forward to learning the strategies that you are using and getting results. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Hi James,

    I must admit to being a little confused! I have read & re-read this post & am still not sure as to what the most powerful blog marketing resource on the planet actually is ! Especially as it`s free!!

    Sorry to be a twit !


    • Hi Nick

      Sorry if I didn’t make it clear. What I was trying to say is that your readers are your most powerful marketing resource. You need to get them to spread the word about your blog by linking to you, talking about you and sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

      I know that if someone sent me 1,000 visitors from, say, their Facebook page, that a small percentage of thse visitors will also share my post on Twitter, FB, and Pinterest which will send me MORE traffic, and then some of those extra visitors will also share my content sending more and more and more etc.

      I hope this makes things a little clearer.


  7. Hi James,
    Thanks for that. I certainly understand now!


  8. Hey James,
    I installed the Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share WordPress plug-in on my blog but for some reason it caused problems with viewing my blog on IE. It went haywire! I added The Share This plugin instead which worked fine.

    I also tried installing the What would Seth Godin Do Plugin to get visitors to my FB fanpage but that doesn’t fit ( too wide) due to the position of my Google ads. I can’t see any way of altering the size of the borders. Is there any other plugin that would do the same thing?