How To Get A 9% Email Opt-In Rate On Your Blog

As I’ve previously mentioned, my health blog now generates around 2,000 visitors per day.

That’s a lot of traffic, but one problem I have is turning those readers into subscribers.

At the moment I have just one opt-in form on the sidebar and a link at the top of the page called “Free Newsletter”. I convert about 1% of my readers into subscribers which is really quite poor.

In this blog post, I want to talk about a new plug-in released by Chris Guthrie which he is currently using to get a 9% opt-in conversion on his blog. Those are incredible conversion rates for a blog.

If I replicated that on my blog I’d be getting 180 subscribers PER DAY, 1,260 subscribers per WEEK, and 65,520 subscribers per YEAR.

Chris officially releases this plug-in on Saturday 30th June and you can get all the details, watch a demo video of how it works – and download your own copy – here.

Here’s how it works…

A visitor arrives on any page or post of your blog (you can set it to display only on home page if you prefer) and a “splash page” appears. This splash page is like a mini squeeze page and your visitors have two choices: join your email list or click “No thanks” and get taken back to the blog post.

Click Here To See A Real Life Working Example Of A Splash Page On The White House Official Website

If you offer a high quality free product in exchange for a visitors email address then many will be happy to join your email list and you could get 9% opt-in rates, too.

One thing many people worry about with techniques like this is that it will annoy your blog visitors. Here are my tips to reduce the chances of that happening.

– Blend the design of your splash page with the design of your blog so that your readers know it is a part of your site and not an unauthorized ad or pop up. There’s a really simple design editor in the admin panel for this plug-in so you can easily customize the design.

– Make it clear that the reader does not have to opt-in but they will receive a fantastic free product if they decide to.

– Make it easy and obvious as to how to continue on to the blog post without having to opt-in.

– Set the splash page to show only once every 14+ days for each visitor. Make sure you don’t punish regular visitors by constantly displaying the same splash page. You can easily set the splash page to show just once every x days so that regular readers don’t see it again.

If you do these four things then you can get seriously high blog opt-in rates and lots of new subscribers on complete auto-pilot.

Try Welcome Splash for yourself and see how it explodes your opt-in rate.

Click Here To Try Welcome Splash

And just one last thing, let me just share why building your email list this way (as opposed to sending traffic to a regular squeeze page) is the way forward.

1. Blog posts rank in the search engines for a number of long tail keywords bringing you traffic – and therefore subscribers – on complete auto-pilot.

Search engines don’t like ranking squeeze pages – they prefer ranking freely available content.

2. Blog posts get shared on social media websites and can occasionally go viral. For example, on May 22nd one of my blog posts went viral on Facebook and generated 8,000 visitors in 24 hours. If I’d of turned 9% of that traffic into subscribers that would have been over 700 new subscribers.

Squeeze pages don’t get shared and won’t go viral.

3. You can create an unlimited number of blog posts and each one will bring in a little trickle of traffic that you can turn into subscribers.

Blogs are capable of generating so much more traffic than squeeze pages – and with a 9% conversion rate now possible – are a much more effective list building tool.

Download Welcome Splash now to take advantage of 9% opt-in rates on your blog.

Thanks for reading,
James Penn

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  1. Patrick says:

    Well do you think the “partners” you get to send traffic that way would do it if you had a splash page up? since that’s a main concern for me to use this.

  2. Hi James

    How interesting that the white house have one of these splash pages! Good that you can set it up so that it doesnt show up every time someone comes to your site. That would annoy me if I had to click “no thanks” every time.

    Promises to be a great plugin.
    All the best

  3. I think these are wicked. Been wondering how you can set them up easily so thanks. The only time I think they suck is when you can’t click on “No Thanks” to get through to the website. Especially for repeat visitors to your site. I think it’s a good incentive to create better quality content and in many ways it means your free content isn’t free any more… they’re is a price. Your email address.