How To Make More Amazon Commissions With A Facebook Fan Page

I love being an Amazon affiliate and it’s one of the biggest revenue streams for my health and beauty blog.

No matter what I publish a blog post about, there will always be a product or two I can recommend within the article.

But the best thing of all about promoting Amazon products is the 24 hour cookie. If a reader clicks one of your Amazon affiliate links then they are “cookied” with your Amazon ID and ANYTHING they order on Amazon in the next 24 hours will be credited to you.

Every day I check my Amazon commissions and find that I’ve sold all sorts of crazy items. For example, last month someone bought this. What even is that!?

Aside from the weird and wacky, you can also sell high ticket items without even promoting them. For example, last month I sold a couple of these despite never linking to them.

Anyway, I LOVE being an Amazon affiliate and here is a simple and creative strategy I used a few days ago to make some extra commissions…

I was checking through the Amazon items I’d sold for the previous day when I noticed something strange.

I’d sold three tubs of this Shea butter (great product for skin and hair that I talk a lot about on my health blog), but instead of it being the $7-8 each I expected, it was just $0.75 (price has returned to normal now).

At first I was a bit annoyed. Instead of earning 8% on $24 in sales, I was looking at making 8% on $2.25.

But then I spotted an opportunity…

I posted this update to my 650 Facebook fans…

People love a bargain and I got lots of comments from my Facebook fans thanking me for sharing, and even more comments from fans saying they’d ordered multiple tubs.

I wish I’d used a tracking link to check how many products I really sold as a result of this Facebook update.

I knew that once people clicked on my link they’d want to order more than just Shea butter for $0.75 and from checking my stats it looked like they did.

My Amazon stats for yesterday (the day after the update) show that I got 398 clicks through my referral links which is around 250 more than normal. I also got a 13.57% conversion from clicks into sales resulting in 54 total sales – only 11 of those sales were for the Shea butter.

This was really easy money to make, and it could have been so much better had these problems not occurred:

  • The price jumped from $0.75 to $3.10 about an hour after I posted the update.
  • Stock also ran out after about an hour so I think the switch was made to another company selling it for $3.10. I got one comment saying “Aw crud… says out of stock now when I try to buy
  • The company distributing the Shea butter were charging $4.99 for shipping and they charged this for every single tub. I got one comment on my FB update saying “AWESOME deal! Sadly, I just went to order it and for 7- 8oz containers they want to charge $35 in shipping! :(

I would have made a lot more money if those problems hadn’t of happened. Plus, I had hoped that more people would “Share” my update which would have posted it to their FB walls.

Nonetheless this was a really simple way to make some extra income – and all it took was a 30 second update to my Facebook fans.

I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of having a Facebook following in the last few days and this is just more proof.

A common misconception about setting up a Facebook page is that you need a website. You don’t.

You can simply create a page based around a specific interest that lots of people have. For example, this page (which now has nearly 100,000 fans!) started as a place for the admin to share all the things they find interesting related to survival-ism, money saving ideas, DIY crafts and natural remedies. They added a blog in April but that came after the fan page.

Pick a topic that lots of people have a passion for, start a fan page and begin sharing cool things that your audience will like – and then occasionally share a discounted Amazon product. It probably doesn’t even have to be discounted for you to make some good commissions.

There’s just one problem to this method of course…

How do you grow a Facebook fan page? Here’s a fantastic guide called Facebook Community Chest revealing seven tricks for growing really big Facebook fan pages.

I got my copy a few days ago and I suggest you do too because it has some really clever ideas for getting your Facebook fan page to go viral.

Plus, there’s a special bonus called “Fans From Thin Air – How To Get Your First 100 Facebook Fans” which is great if you’ve yet to start your own page.

Click Here To Download Facebook Community Chest & Fans From Thin Air

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ve given you an idea to make more money as an Amazon affiliate.

If you have a fan page, test this for yourself and let me know how it works for you.

Thanks for reading,
James Penn

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  1. Thanks for the info James.

  2. Thanks for the info. I never realized facebook could be so powerful. Putting up the facebook page is the easy part… what types of things did you do to get your 650 followers?

  3. James,
    Fantastic article, thank you ! Really enjoyed it & gained lots of info from it! It`s refreshing to hear someone really praising the Amazon programme as most people are put off as the commissions are so low & the 24hr cookie!
    It`s a shame that book you`re recommending has a price tag attached. I know we all need to earn but sometimes it would be nice just to receive some good quality info – an ideal that Lee McIntyre adheres to !!!!
    Please share some FB snippets with us James! Ideas for gaining more fans!?
    Have you seen my FB page yet, what do you honestly think? Would be very grateful for your critique!
    Do you think that starting an FB page is now the way to start a new niche …… & then, down the road, start the blog even a blogger blog!
    Keep the fantastic articles coming James!

  4. What a great idea! I knew that FB was vital in any business but never had it explained like that.