Case Study: My Journey To My First 3,000 Facebook Fans

I started the Facebook fan page for my health and beauty blog on March 16th 2012. I’d never owned a fan page before and had never used Facebook as a marketing channel.

I was a complete newbie with no idea what I was doing.

But yesterday, just over four months after starting my page, I passed 3,000 “fans”. And in this blog post I’m going to share some of the things I’ve been doing to help me achieve that.

1. Notify Your Existing Followers

I didn’t do this until a few weeks ago, but if I was starting again I’d do it on day one. When you start your Facebook page, notify your Twitter followers, Google Plus followers and email subscribers.

This will give you an initial fan base and mean that your first Facebook updates are actually being shared to someone.

2. Capture Fans From Your Blog

Just like you’d try to turn blog visitors into email subscribers, you also want to turn them into Facebook fans. I do this in a number of ways.

– I add a paragraph before each blog post which says…

New here? Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with new posts and take part in our fun, games, competitions and giveaways.

– I have a Facebook icon at the very top of the right hand sidebar that if visitors click on will take them to my Facebook fan page.

– I also have a Facebook social plugin installed lower down the sidebar which displays a Like button and a selection of fans. It looks like this…

3. Run Competitions

I’ve only done this once so far, but it contributed to one of my fastest days of Facebook fan growth.

I published a post titled “25 Magical Things To Make With Coconut Oil” and at the end I offered three tubs of coconut oil to three lucky readers. All they had to do to enter was like my page on Facebook and then leave a comment with their name so that I could verify they had.

So far that post has had 315 comments so over 300 fans have been generated as a direct result of that competition.

4. “Wall Jack”

When you visit other Facebook pages, you often have the opportunity to post comments which will be published in a box at the top of their page.

Sometimes, if I have something worthwhile to say, I visit popular pages and post a comment while logged in as my Facebook page.

When my comment is posted a clickable link back to my Facebook page will be left. I have no idea how many fans using this method has generated, but I do know that if I publish a comment on a really popular page then I notice a slight increase in new likes.

5. Leave Comments

When a very popular (20,000+ fans) page posts an update then try to leave a relevant, insightful comment when logged into your page. This is probably only worth doing if you are one of the first commenters, though.

I used this method the other day on a page with 165,000 fans. I was one of the first to leave a comment and I got about 7-8 new fans in the ten minutes following the comment.

Whether all those new fans can be attributed to that one comment I don’t know, but I’m sure at least some of them were.

6. Get Your Posts Shared

This is probably the best way to get new fans – and if you use this method effectively you can grow your Facebook fan page really, really fast.

If you post interesting content (particularly images) that resonates with your audience then that content will be shared virally – and each time someone clicks the “Share” button and posts it to their wall – a clickable link back to your page is included.

For example, if a page or person shares your photo, it will say…


My most successful post so far has been shared 392 times – mainly because a page with 150,000+ fans shared it and then all of their fans continued to share. On that day I generated over 500 new Facebook fans.

Here’s a link to the post:


As you can see, I’ve not used any special tricks or strategies to grow my Facebook page. Just simple, repeatable steps that I could easily scale up and do more of.

I could post more viral images, leave more comments, post on more walls and hold more competitions and my Facebook following would grow faster.

And by the way, you don’t need to have an existing blog or website that you can build a fan page around.

I’ve just started a new page centred around an interest of mine and one where I can regularly link out to affiliate offers and things that will make me money. I’m going to be running all sorts of experiments with Facebook pages over the next few weeks and months and I’ll be sure to share them here.

If you like the idea of building a large audience that you can market affiliate and CPA offers to, then you’ll probably like Don Wilson’s Simple Viral Profits which is currently on offer for less than $10.

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When I post an update on my fan page, I send a minimum of 80 clicks in the first 24 hours. Don’s fan base is over 100x bigger than mine so that means he should be sending 8,000 clicks MINIMUM to each offer he promotes. Can you imagine being able to do that?

Download Simple Viral Profits now and start growing your own Facebook fan pages fast.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I hope it’s motivated you to start your own Facebook page if you don’t have one, and if you do, I hope it’s motivated you to grow your page faster.

Any questions or comments please post them below. And, as always, if you enjoyed this post, please share on Facebook and Twitter.

James Penn

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  1. James, I am curious as to how you added that short text above your post (Tip #2). I am assuming you used some kind of plugin?? Thanks!

    • Hi Maria

      I would have liked to have used a plug-in but couldn’t find one that didn’t interfere with my blog design. So I manually added it to my most popular pages which took about half an hour but was well worth it.


  2. Hi Maria and James–

    You might try the Post Snippets Plugin for WP, You can add a variety of boilerplate text to add to any post from you icon menu on a new post page. You can insert HTML in the snippet to format the text in bold, italic, etc. and to create hyperlinks. I haven’t found it to interfere with my theme at all.

  3. Heather Robinson says:

    Have you tried the Duplicate Post plugin? I just watched a demo at and it looks like it might work for you.

  4. James,
    You`ve obviously done really well getting to 3000 fans so quickly which is probably why I enjoyed this post so much!

    Having had so much FB success may I ask why don`t you use the FB comments plugin so that you can grow even quicker.