How I Make A Passive $50 Per Day As An Amazon Affiliate

How I Make A Passive $50 Per Day As An Amazon Affiliate

I love promoting Amazon products. It’s one of the most fun ways to earn money online. It’s pretty much 100% passive. And ANYTHING that someone buys through your link earns you a commission.

For example, a few months ago someone clicked one of my links which took them to a book costing $7. They didn’t buy that, but they did buy this costing $1,299 and a number of accessories for that totalling another $400.

That’s the beauty of Amazon. Someone could click on your affiliate link and then buy a $5,000 wine cooler, a $10,000 watch or a $120,000 diamond ring.

When it comes to Amazon I simply focus on getting more CLICKS. The more people that click my affiliate link, the more products I sell.

So in this blog post I’m simply going to focus on methods that you can use to get more people to click your Amazon affiliate links – because with clicks will come sales.

Note: Over the next 5/6 weeks (as Christmas approaches) Amazon sales are going to go sky high as everyone ramps up their Christmas shopping. Get as many people clicking your link as you possibly can in this time.

1. Ambiguous Linking

I used this strategy at the very beginning of this blog post when I said…

“They didn’t buy that, but they did buy this costing $1,299 and a number of accessories for that totalling another $400.”

I could have quite easily said what the item was, but instead I peeked your curiosity so that you clicked the link to see what the item was. Now if you buy something from Amazon in the next 24 hours without clicking anyone else’s affiliate link, I’ll earn a commission!

I regularly do things like this on my niche sites. For example, a few weeks I did this…

“When you need a little energy boost, would you rather…

… Consume a can of this ghastly substance?

… Or would you rather try this vegan energy bar made with natural ingredients and energy boosting herbs?”

What is the ghastly substance I refer to? You’d have to click the link to find out! :)

2. Put Amazon Links In Every Blog Post

I try to add a link to at least one Amazon product within every blog post. If the post isn’t conducive to Amazon product linking, then adding a link to a related book at the end of the post would be fine.

3. Amazon Sidebar Linking

On my blog sidebar I normally have a link, with a clickable image, to a product on Amazon. It’s a good way to easily display an Amazon link on every single page and post of your blog.

Currently on my main blog I link to a product that costs $100 so that I’ll also earn a significant commission from any sales generated.

4. Top “xx” Lists

I regularly publish blog posts such as…

Top 5 Natural Shampoos
Top 5 Natural Sunscreens

Within these lists I link to products on Amazon.

These are high value pages since they convert so many readers into Amazon clickers and sales so I spend a lot of time promoting these types of posts, particularly by building backlinks and ranking them in the search engines.

5. Gift Ideas Posts

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting articles sharing ideas for gift ideas for my market this Christmas.

It’s a way to provide a useful resource for your readers whilst also getting lots of Amazon clicks at the time of year when it matters.

6. Write Product Reviews

Very occasionally, I’ll write a review of a product or a book that’s available on Amazon.

The great thing about these types of posts are that they will generate traffic for keywords like “product name review” etc. So not only do you get Amazon clicks, you’ll also get lots of sales.

7. Take Quotes From Books

As long as you are not taking huge chunks of text from a book, and as long as you are providing proper attribution, there’s nothing wrong with putting a few quotes in your blog posts.

When you do this make sure you link to the book on Amazon. A few people might click the link and buy it through you.

8. Mention Experts In Your Market

I regularly refer to blogging experts on this blog, such as Darren Rowse. When I do, I usually do it like this…

“Darren Rowse, author of ProBlogger: Secrets To Creating A Six Figure Income Online, suggests…”

If you refer to someone and they have authored a book, link to it.

9. Promote Amazon Deals

A good few months ago I was checking through my Amazon sales for the previous day. I noticed I had sold some Shea butter so clicked-through to see how much it sold for.

I was surprised to see it selling for something like $0.25 when normally it would be $7-8.

I quickly notified my Facebook fans of the great deal and the post took off virally as my fans shared the update (with my affiliate link) with all their friends.

This sent thousands of clicks through my affiliate link and while I was only promoting a product costing $0.25, lots of people also purchased other items.

10. Promote Free Kindle Books

This is my absolute best tip and something you should definitely start doing.

Occasionally, Kindle book authors make their books available for free for a limited time. If I find a good Kindle book that’s available for free in my market, I’ll quickly publish a new blog post like this one…

Free For Kindle: Homemade Cosmetics – 100 Recipes You Can Make At Home

I’ll then send my Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers and email subscribers over to the blog post where they’ll likely click-through and claim their free copy.

For the post above, I sent over 2,000 clicks to Amazon. That’s 2,000 people who may go on to purchase items while they are there.

Keep an eye on the Kindle book listings, find freebies, and then promote them to your readers, fans and followers.


I’m currently doing $50 per day from Amazon despite only linking to products that cost around $5-20 mainly.

Over the next five weeks this number will go up as…

1. I focus on getting as many clicks to Amazon as possible.

2. Conversions sky-rocket as people spend more money on Amazon in preparation for Christmas.

If you want to take advantage of the Christmas rush then use the ideas I’ve shared in this blog post to sky-rocket your Amazon affiliate income.

Have you got any strategies to boost your Amazon affiliate income? Share them by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading,
James Penn

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  1. Awesome tips, Jeff! I’m going to implement this method on all my sites and blogs from now on.

  2. Hey James,
    Thanks for some great ideas.
    I have an Amazon widget in the side bar of my detox blog that displays related books. I also link to a related book at the end of my blog posts. Last time I linked to a product.

    So far I have not had any luck with getting any commission but maybe I need more traffic to my blog. I was getting 29,000 a month at one time and was doing well with Adsense, but the traffic has dropped off to just under 7,000 since the Google algorithm changes! I am doing all I can to get the traffic back.

  3. A very informative post that in a funny way put me in my place a bit. The reason I say this is because I have had an Amazon Affiliate account for…… well I dont know how long, and I have done nothing with it. So I will thank you for the kick up the backside.

    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks there are some really good tips here.
    The funniest sale I got recently was a person went to Amazon via a cat toys website and bought a book called “Curtains: Adventures of an Undertaker-in-Training”. Hee hee hee, not sure of the connection there.

  5. Great Article James, Amazon is a great way to make passive affiliate money to help you with your business. This is a great way to reinvest your profits back into marketing to scale up and grow your business.

  6. Great tips! – will start reviving my old blogs with this info….

    Many thanks!!!


  7. Daniel Hicks says:

    Thanks for More Great tips! — Your stuff is always the best.
    I know you specialize in lots of great ways to drive traffic to your posts that don’t involve search traffic. I was wondering though if I have a site that is getting lots of search traffic should I NoFollow or Cloak the links? I’m afraid some of those sites might get penalized for too many Amazon links.

  8. Hey James
    Interesting post and some good tips.Did click one of the links so guess gona have to hold of buying that erm gentlemans product 24hrs lol. Out of interest is that how long everyones cookie lasts for or is it just that long cos you’ve reached certain number of sales? Also noticed you link to products if someone from uk or elsewhere clicks a link & then logs into their relevant amazon site ie is the cookie carried over?
    Amazon is something thought about and with x-mas round the corner and of course post Xmas sales.Also reports are saying more people will be doing their Xmas shopping online this year. An Amazon affiliate makes a lot of sense.

  9. I think I will need to read this article everyday for the next 30 -odd days. What a value-packed and insightful article that was.

  10. Thank you for sharing with us. Your posts are always awesome and inspiring.