10 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog TODAY

Getting more blog traffic requires a long term effort and is the cumulative result of a series of different traffic generation processes. But sometimes, as bloggers, we want instant gratification.

Below I reveal ten things you can do that will increase your traffic today.

1. Share A Blog Post With Your Social Following

This is the easiest and quickest way to get an instant traffic boost. Find a post in your blog archive and share it with your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest followers.

You can do this with three or four blog posts each day and the bigger your following, the more traffic you’ll receive. That’s why it’s important you grow your social media following.

TIP: Install the Tweet Old Post WordPress plug-in and set it to randomly Tweet posts from your archive. I’ve recently installed this on my health blog and have set it to Tweet posts every four hours. This means I can promote my blog on Twitter even while I’m sleeping. 

TIP #2: Grow your Facebook following. Download this fantastic guide to find out seven sneaky tricks to get more Facebook fans. 

2. Perform A Facebook/Twitter Swap

This is an idea I have yet to see discussed, although I’m sure there are people using it.

For this method you find a blog post on another person’s blog that you think would interest your social following. You then contact the blogger and ask if they’d like to engage in a “swap” with you.

You share their post to your following and they share one of your posts to their following.

It’s a simple way to share quality content with your followers while also building your traffic and your content distribution channels.

TIP: Try to turn this into a long term relationship whereby each of you share each other’s new content as you publish it.

3. Email Your Subscribers

Many bloggers waste their email list – or at least don’t use it to its maximum potential.

At the moment on my health and beauty blog I’m only posting new content once or twice a week. Each time I publish a new blog post I notify my email subscribers. If that was the only time I contacted them, I’d be wasting five or six days of the week.

That’s why, on the days when I don’t post a new entry, I email my subscribers a post from the archive. Or perhaps create a “Round Up” post where I link to “The Top 5 Beauty Posts On The Blog” for example. This is a great way to rekindle archived content.

Each email I send generates 150-200 clicks in the first 24 hours, so sending an email a day generates around 1,000 visitors per week.

Give yourself an almost instant traffic boost and email your subscribers a post from your blog archive – and if you don’t have an email list yet, start building one!

4. Post In Relevant Forums

Perhaps the most old-school traffic generation advice is to post on related forums with a link back to your blog in your signature.

It might be old hat, but it still works and is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get almost instant traffic.

5. Answer Questions On Yahoo Answers

This is a strategy that worked really well for me a few years back.

In May and June 2008 I spent a few hours posting answers to questions on Yahoo Answers. If someone posted a weight loss question, I’d give a brief answer and share a link to a post on my blog about weight loss. If someone posted asking about skin care, I’d provide an answer and a link back to a relevant post on my blog.

It was one of the most instant free sources of traffic available and continues to send me 10-15 visitors every single day FOUR years later.

I don’t use YA anymore, but I believe you can’t post clickable links until you reach Level 2 or 250 points. Here’s how the points system works.

Spend some time building your account up so that you can post links and then start answering questions with links to relevant blog posts.

6. Leave Blog Comments

This is another old- yet still effective if used right – strategy.

Find blog posts that are receiving lots of traffic and leave an insightful comment with a link back to your blog, or a specific blog post, if possible.

TIP: Try to leave comments on blog posts that appear to be going viral on the social networks to take advantage of the huge traffic they will receive.

7. Guest Post

Most bloggers use guest posting as a long term traffic strategy, but it can also be used for instant traffic boosts.

Find a blogger who has a big presence (more than 2,000 fans) on the social networks, especially Facebook. Contact them and pitch your guest post idea.

If they accept and publish your post then they will invariably notify their Facebook following sending an instant surge of eyeballs to your guest post. Many of who will click through to your blog.

8. Publish A Guest Post

Perhaps an even better strategy is to contact a blogger with a big social following and ask them to guest post on your blog. This will be much easier if you already have a relatively authoritative blog.

If they agree, you publish their post and request that they share it with their following. Normally they would be happy to do so and you’ll experience a significant traffic surge as they Tweet, Share and Pin their guest post on your blog.

9. Add Images To Your Blog Posts

Not only do high quality images enhance the user experience, but including images within your blog posts allows you to take advantage of one of the webs fastest growing traffic sources… Pinterest.

Pinterest sends me 300+ visitors per day on average, but I regularly get 1,000+ visitor days from this traffic source alone.

Not only that, but images can rank on Google Image search which can add another long term traffic source to your arsenal.

10. Add Social Sharing Buttons To Your Blog Posts

One of the most important aspects of my blog are the social sharing buttons at the top of each post.

These buttons mean that each visitor I generate is not merely an individual who can click on my ads or buy products I recommend, instead each visitor becomes a potential messenger who can share my content with tens, hundreds, even thousands more readers – and then those readers can also do the same.

These simple social sharing buttons are what enable me to experience exciting traffic surges and help some blog posts go viral.

For example, a few weeks ago I posted a link to this blog post on my health and beauty blog from my Facebook page. That update sent approximately 30 visitors in a couple of hours from Facebook. Of those 30 visitors, at least one person Pinned the page to Pinterest which sent lots of new visitors from Pinterest, and then lots of them also started sharing the post on Pinterest.

After about 4 hours of posting the update to Facebook, that post had received over 1,000 visitors – and all it took was 30 initial visitors.

I use a free social sharing plug-in to display Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Stumbleupon sharing buttons. You can see what the plug-in is and all the other tools I use for blogging at this page: The Ultimate Bloggers Toolkit.

If you want instant gratification, try some of these ten methods to give your blog a fast traffic boost.

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Thanks for reading,
James Penn

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  1. Enjoyed your ten tips and printed out a hardcopy
    for reference.

  2. Thank you for the tips. I have been using some of these for a few weeks now, but will be trying the others you mentioned. I’m always looking for more ways to get traffic and look forward to your next email with your step-by-step-report.

  3. Great post. I am currently doing 3 of the 10: Forum posts, blog commenting, and social buttons. The next step for me is article marketing (which my mentor recommended). I figure I’ll give it a shot and see what results I get. Worst case I get a free report on how article marketing didn’t work for me.

    Love this blog and your other one. Looking forward to learning more from you.

  4. Thanks for the tips and reminders. I used to do Yahoo Answers but stopped for a while. It’s time to get back in those trenches and also start really jumping into Pinterest.

  5. Those are some good tactics. Some of them have been around for awhile, but still work. Guest posting is probably the most powerful of those methods.

  6. This is excellent advice, especially for a newbie like me!
    Although I have already started doing some of this it has opened my eyes in to what else is possible.