CASE STUDY: How To Get 22,440 Facebook Fans In 10 Weeks

Between October 24th and November 8th – a total of 16 days – I have generated 154,174 visitors to a blog that is just over two months old. That works out to 9,635 visitors per day! I have focussed most of my time on just one traffic source and that traffic source has been directly […]

CASE STUDY: How I’ve Generated 15,290 Visitors To One Blog Post In 36 Hours

If you’ve been a subscriber of mine for a while then you know that I love sharing case studies of things that work (and sometimes don’t work) for me. I could easily package my case studies up into a special report and sell it for $10 – but I’d rather publish a quick blog post […]

The Most Powerful Blog Marketing Resource On The Planet (& It’s Free!)

I’ve been running my health and beauty blog for nearly four and a half years now. Only in the past three months have I experienced significant traffic results. Why? Because I discovered the most powerful blog marketing resource on the planet and I’m using it to its maximum potential. So what is it? Is it […]

Pin Button Attraction: How To Add Pin It Buttons To Images

You may have heard me mention before that Pinterest is one of my biggest traffic sources. In fact, it IS my biggest traffic source. Here’s the kind of traffic Pinterest has sent me in the past five months – and this excludes a few thousand visitors from the mobile version which is reported separately.   […]

My Two Most Powerful Traffic Secrets

In December 2011, I attracted 6,126 visitors to my health and beauty blog. This month (May 2012) my traffic will almost reach 60,000 visitors. That’s a tenfold increase in traffic and in this blog post I’m going to share my top two traffic secrets. But before we begin I quickly want to tell you about […]

How I Got 5,112 Visitors From Facebook In 2 Hours

At 1.25pm UK time, a Facebook fan page with 27,000 fans posted a link to one of my blog posts to their page. This is the post they posted a link to: This sent an instant surge of traffic to my blog and, from looking at my Google Real Time Analytics, I was getting […]

10 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog TODAY

Getting more blog traffic requires a long term effort and is the cumulative result of a series of different traffic generation processes. But sometimes, as bloggers, we want instant gratification. Below I reveal ten things you can do that will increase your traffic today. 1. Share A Blog Post With Your Social Following This is […]