CASE STUDY: How To Get 22,440 Facebook Fans In 10 Weeks

How To Get More Facebook Fans

Between October 24th and November 8th – a total of 16 days – I have generated 154,174 visitors to a blog that is just over two months old.

That works out to 9,635 visitors per day!

I have focussed most of my time on just one traffic source and that traffic source has been directly – or indirectly – responsible for about 95% of my traffic.

What is that traffic source?


Facebook has directly generated 106,318 of those visitors.

But almost every link, every “Pin, every “Tweet”, every “Stumble”, every forum post that has been generated promoting my blog has happened because someone found my website via Facebook and thought it was worth sharing. And the social signals that all the “likes” have generated have pushed me up in Google meaning I’m now getting nearly 100 visitors per day from Google without ever building a backlink.

Facebook is absolutely essential for driving traffic in 2012 and beyond – and in this post I’m going to tell you know I do it.

How To Get Big Traffic From Facebook

In the past 10 weeks I’ve accumulated 22,440 fans to a brand new Facebook fan page. It is this fan page that is responsible for the huge amount of traffic arriving from Facebook.

When I publish a new Facebook post with a link to a post on my blog, I will typically get around 1,000-1,500 visitors in the first 24 hours, another 500 or so visitors on day two and the traffic will continue coming for many days after that.

When you consider that I publish 3-5 new blog posts a day, you can see how I’m getting so much traffic!

So how have I grown this Facebook page? Here are my top tips…

1. Collect Fans From Your Website

This is the first step to take because you want to be sure you are turning as many of your website visitors into Facebook fans. That way you can keep sending them back to your blog.

It doesn’t matter if you are currently getting zero traffic. It’s important to do this step so that you are ready for when the traffic does come.

Here are some ways I turn visitors into Facebook fans…

– I put an opening and closing paragraph on each blog post asking readers to come and join us on Facebook to stay up to date with new posts, giveaways and competitions.

– I try to regularly reference the Facebook page and link to it.

– I have Facebook icons in the sidebar and header which link to the page.

– I have the Facebook Like Box installed in the sidebar.

Once you have these things set up then you are ready should there be any traffic surges to your blog.

2. Notify Existing Fans & Followers

You need to get some initial fans for your page because fans breed more fans. When your fans like, comment and share your updates, it shows the updates to a portion of their Facebook friends who can then like your page or interact with your updates.

Get initial fans by…

  • Inviting your existing friends to come and like your page
  • Notifying your Twitter followers and asking them to like your page
  • Sending an email to your existing subscribers/customers to come and like your page

3. Facebook Advertising

I don’t know anything about Facebook advertising but I decided to run a little test by running a few ads promoting my page.

The best ad was generating new fans at a cost of around $0.12 per fan. I was pretty happy with this because I knew that that wasn’t the end of the story.

I knew that while it might cost $120 to get 1,000 new fans, when I posted a new update a proportion of those 1,000 fans would like, comment or share which would show the post to some of their friends who may like my page and interact with my updates therefore generating new fans from their friends.

Facebook is viral in its very nature so while $120 to get 1,000 Facebook fans may sound expensive, when you consider how many extra free fans those 1,000 will generate it makes it much more attractive. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to track how many extra fans those fans will generate.

I’m not going to give a detailed overview of how to run Facebook ads because I don’t really know how to, but here’s a good guide for you…

The How To Guide To Facebook Advertising

4. Get More Pages To Like You

Your Facebook page really grows when other pages with more fans than yours shares your updates.

When another page shares your update, it will be displayed to their fans along with a clickable link to your Facebook page. You’ll find that a nice chunk of their fans will also become a fan of yours.

For this reason you want to connect with as many pages as possible and get them to “like” you – that way they’ll see your updates in their feed and could potentially share your post to thousands of their fans with just a click of a button.

Here are some ways to get other pages to like you…

  • Comment on their updates
  • Post on their wall
  • Share their updates
  • Tell your fans to go and like their page and to write on their wall telling them that you sent them
  • Connect with the page owners via email and link to your Facebook page

5. Post Content That Gets Shared

The best and fastest way to grow your Facebook page is to post updates that get lots of shares.

You need to post things that interest your audience, that your audience find funny, unique things, “why didn’t I think of that” things, cute things. Basically you want to post stuff that people are going to want to show off to their friends.

If everything you post gets liked, commented on and shared, then your page will grow with each update.

And as your page gets bigger, it will grow faster and faster.

NOTE: Want to discover my most viral Facebook post ever? Read this blog post: How I’ve Generated 15,290 Visitors To One Blog Post In 36 Hours


Being able to send 2-3000 visitors to a blog post with a 15 second Facebook update is very powerful.

How much more motivated would you be if you could do that? How much more time and money could you invest in content development? How fast and how big could you grow your blog?

Focus on growing your Facebook fan page because Facebook is without a doubt the most powerful traffic source in the world!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter if you found value in this post :)

Talk soon,
James Penn

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  1. Another excellent blog James – but then we’ve come to expect this from you! I’ll be implementing these tips straight away.

  2. Hey james!
    This is great, as usual 😉 I am trying to get my blog going and I am struggling with my facebook page. I have no fans right now, so this is right on time for me.

    Thanks again!

  3. James, you are the best!

    I have just started my Facebook fan page and I will be implementing these tips staring tonight! Thanks for sharing

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    thank you for this tips I hope it will help me also to build a lots of fans to my fan page.

    Your numbers are great but I hope mine will be at least a quarter of yours.

    Thank you and I will wait for new updates,

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    Awesome post again.

    How do you find all the great stuff you post on your blog?


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    I love your case studies:) Really great to see you post facts and numbers.I’m finding cpc to be costly…something over $1. per click. Did you use cpc or cpm for advertising? Thanks:)

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  14. Hi James
    fantastic advice,going to implement it today.
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  17. This is a super technique! I’m astonished to read all the steps who brought you to get 22,440 fans is only 10 weeks of time! Consider that in three times your time, all I got were 15 followers!
    Now I will try to follow your steps to create something more valuable.

    Thanks so much and see you soon!
    Alessandro Zamboni