How I Got 5,112 Visitors From Facebook In 2 Hours

At 1.25pm UK time, a Facebook fan page with 27,000 fans posted a link to one of my blog posts to their page.

This is the post they posted a link to:

This sent an instant surge of traffic to my blog and, from looking at my Google Real Time Analytics, I was getting 30-40 page views a minute for around 10 minutes.

See the screenshot below (click to enlarge)


Then after about 10 minutes, another Facebook fan page (the one I was talking about in this blog post) “Shared” the post to their 102,000 fans.

That sent another surge of traffic and I was getting 70-100 page views a minute.

See screenshot below… (click to enlarge)


Since then, hundreds more Facebook pages and individuals have shared the post and I’ve had thousands of visitors in the past couple of hours.

On top of that, hundreds of the people arriving on my blog have Pinned pages to Pinterest which is sending me loads of extra traffic and people are also arriving and Tweeting about my post so I’m getting traffic from Twitter, too.

This traffic shows absolutely no signs of stopping. I’ve had around 3,500 visitors in just 90 MINUTES.

UPDATE: After about 2 hours I’ve now had 5,112 visitors to this blog post.

The most important thing is, I’m taking advantage of all the traffic I’m getting. Visit the post to see how I’m monetizing the traffic. I have Adsense ads in prominent positions and also lots of Amazon affiliate links.

I also have a text link at the start asking visitors to like my page on Facebook and that has generated over 200 new fans already which means more long term traffic.

This traffic is going to last a long time and my blog is going to make a LOT of money today.

Facebook is the way forward. I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now and this is just further proof.

The product I released yesterday reveals how I generated 17,000+ visitors to one blog post by getting OTHER PEOPLE to post links to their fan pages. Frugally Sustainable was one of them and that’s how they got introduced to my content and that’s why they’re sharing my post today.

The method I reveal inside my new product enables you to produce blog posts that authorities in your market WANT to share with their social following.

If you want to find out how to get insane levels of traffic from other people’s Facebook fan pages then you’ll want to pick up a copy of my new report.

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I hope this post hasn’t come across as being a bit “show-offy” and I hope you have taken away a few pointers, such as:

– Get a presence on Facebook with your own fan page because Facebook is a traffic powerhouse and ideally it would be YOU with 27,000 fans who you can promote your content to daily. Take a look at Facebook Community Chest for seven sneaky tricks for growing Facebook fan pages.

– Get OTHER PEOPLE to share your content on Facebook. If you haven’t downloaded my new product yet then do that now because I reveal a really clever way to get other fan pages to share your content just one hour from now.

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– Make sure your site is ready for any traffic surges. Do you have monetization in place? Do you have social sharing buttons in place so that your visitors can promote your blog for you? And are you growing your email lists and Facebook following for long term traffic?

Thanks for reading this blog post and I’ll be back with more blog traffic training soon. For now, if you haven’t downloaded my new special report yet then do that now. 

Talk soon,
James Penn

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  1. Nice post and good work getting so much traffic out of Facebook. I was thinking this morning how I really needed to get this Facebook thing figured out… Then I read this post. I will definitely have to get my hands on your guide.

  2. I got James’s report and have started to implement the strategies. Already got 2 out of the 7 people to share my link on their Twitter. It’s really easy to implement. The key is picking the right people who will share your link.

  3. Hi James,
    Wonderful post. I have a question: I run a blog/podcast where I compose and play a new piece of pianomusic everyday and I have been trying all sorts of ways to get more traffic. I has been growing but because my main focus lies on the music instead of words I find it difficult to get targeted traffic. Not only that, but most of the traffic I get listens through iTunes and never even gets to see the actual website. Do you have any tips on how to find more traffic and how to monetize a free three minute podcast without having to place ads in the podcast itself?