How I Make A Passive $50 Per Day As An Amazon Affiliate

I love promoting Amazon products. It’s one of the most fun ways to earn money online. It’s pretty much 100% passive. And ANYTHING that someone buys through your link earns you a commission. For example, a few months ago someone clicked one of my links which took them to a book costing $7. They didn’t […]

CASE STUDY: How To Get 22,440 Facebook Fans In 10 Weeks

Between October 24th and November 8th – a total of 16 days – I have generated 154,174 visitors to a blog that is just over two months old. That works out to 9,635 visitors per day! I have focussed most of my time on just one traffic source and that traffic source has been directly […]

CASE STUDY: How I’ve Generated 15,290 Visitors To One Blog Post In 36 Hours

If you’ve been a subscriber of mine for a while then you know that I love sharing case studies of things that work (and sometimes don’t work) for me. I could easily package my case studies up into a special report and sell it for $10 – but I’d rather publish a quick blog post […]

7 Ways To Make More Money As An Amazon Affiliate

I fell in love with being an Amazon affiliate a few weeks after I started. My health/beauty blog was now getting a few hundred visitors per day and I wanted a way to make a few extra dollars from the traffic I was getting. I stuck some links to a few beauty books at the […]

Case Study: My Journey To My First 3,000 Facebook Fans

I started the Facebook fan page for my health and beauty blog on March 16th 2012. I’d never owned a fan page before and had never used Facebook as a marketing channel. I was a complete newbie with no idea what I was doing. But yesterday, just over four months after starting my page, I […]

How To Make A Full Time Passive Income With Google Adsense

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on Big Blog Traffic. There are a couple of reasons for that. 1. I’m in the process of developing a training guide which reveals how I’ve generated around 45,000 visitors from Facebook in my first 100 days using the social networking giant. 2. I’ve been working […]

How To Get A 9% Email Opt-In Rate On Your Blog

As I’ve previously mentioned, my health blog now generates around 2,000 visitors per day. That’s a lot of traffic, but one problem I have is turning those readers into subscribers. At the moment I have just one opt-in form on the sidebar and a link at the top of the page called “Free Newsletter”. I […]

5 “Tricks” To Get Free Blog Content & Big Traffic

Producing high quality in demand content that readers love is the most important, yet one of the most difficult, parts of blogging. Building a successful blog is almost wholly dependent on high quality content and in this blog post I’m going to reveal five methods you can use to get free and original content (and […]

The Most Powerful Blog Marketing Resource On The Planet (& It’s Free!)

I’ve been running my health and beauty blog for nearly four and a half years now. Only in the past three months have I experienced significant traffic results. Why? Because I discovered the most powerful blog marketing resource on the planet and I’m using it to its maximum potential. So what is it? Is it […]

5 Tricks For Getting Big Traffic From Pinterest

This week I’ve been talking a lot about Pinterest and how important it is for my blog traffic and my income. Pinterest sends me around 300 visitors per day and is growing rapidly. Today I want to share five “tricks” that will get your blog more Pins because the more Pins you get, the more […]